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My work

Brief examples of some of the work I do.
In general, the projects that I’ve worked on are diverse and vary widely depending on the product/service that I analyzed, and the objectives for conducting the analysis.

Market analysis  

Customer journey   

Creating a pipeline of operational ideas for a big department chain.


* Understand capabilities and gaps by mapping all touchpoint and jobs-to-be-done

* Generating new ideas to meet with the customer needs (what and how)
* Prioritizing ideas according to the company’s capabilities (when and if)

* Setting-up KPI to track and measure to enable the brand understand profitability and relevancy

Launchin Carlsberg Luma    

Carlsberg is a veteran brand in the market, with high equity, but is relatively weak among young people.

In the younger audience, the brand is inferior both in terms of image and in terms of the product.

Main Goals:

* A successful launch of Carlsberg Luma beer that will reflect across the entire brand equity, with the emphasis on the younger generation. 

* The brand's strategic concept – uncompromising quality, maintaining the strategy of the top brand.

Business and Communication Goals:

* Brand growth.

* Increased ability to charge a premium for the brand.

* Desirability and recruiting a younger audience.

* Improvement to quality value.

* Taking ownership of the world of hopps – a developing global trend.

Branding Real estate   

A branding process for a premium residential project in Tel-Aviv

Brand Activation MINI   

The new MINI electric inspires fun, excitement, passion, and innovative thinking.

To bring that to life we needed to go big. How big did we go? For a week and a half we displayed the new electric MINI in a giant toy box on the Tel Aviv port, one of the most crowded spots in the city, with the caption “Batteries Included”.

The activation reminded people of their pure childhood excitement when they unwrapped a new toy car, and found out it included batteries.

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